MS Windows Applications

MS Windows Applications

ArcInfo MFC Win98/XP   Linux Version
ArcInfo identifies and displays information about compressed files and archives.
Not all of these formats support metadata, so results vary.
ArcInfo recognizes 19 formats, including lzip, gzip, zip, cpio, squashfs, cab, and rar.
Download (10 Kb)
ArcInfo 1.0.2
24 Kb binary
CM17DU 43ARI100

CMShell MFC Win98/XP
Cabinet Maker Shell is a graphical interface for the Microsoft Windows MAKECAB tool. It allows you to create multi-file Cabinets (CAB archives) and Diamond Directive Files (DDF)
Help File included
Download (48 Kb)
CMShell 3.0.1
22.5 Kb binary
LS09DA 18CMS300

FolderSnap MFC Win98   Linux Version
FolderSnap is a utility that captures a list of any directory on any drive that you can see
Optional Include Details, Line Numbering, Save As Text or HTML
Download (13 Kb)
FolderSnap 2.0
45 Kb binary
SS05DT 10DFS200

IC-Tools Win98/XP   Linux Version
IC-Scan (Image Chunk Scan) is a tool that displays the chunks, blocks and segments that make up PNG, GIF or JFIF (JPG/JPEG) image files. It can also correct CRC errors in PNG files
IC-Clean (Image Chunk Cleaner) can remove unneeded data from image files. Thumbnails, Histograms, Optional Palettes, Comments and other Meta data
Supports single or batch processing  ScreenShot
Help File included
Download (16 Kb)
ICScan 4.0
26 Kb binary
CS02DP 17ICS400   Help File Included
Note: The Help File is created at the same time as the Linux version and may indicate a higher release number
Download (32 Kb)
ICClean 3
25.5 Kb binary
CS02DP 17ICC300   Help File Included

Jotter Text Editor MFC Win98/XP/7
Jotter is a replacement for Windows Notepad. It has a long list of features not found in Notepad but uses considerably less space
New for Version 2.0
Added: AutoSave, Open In Web Browser, Set Tabs, Set Recent File List, improved Selection handling... and more...
Fixed: [Unroll] bug/feature with minimized window, [Print Preview] crash on System Close, background colour palette
Download (15 Kb)
Jotter II
36.5 Kb binary
CS05DA 05JTE201

mTouch MASM32 Win98/XP   Linux Version
MagicTouch is a tool that allows you to change the timestamp and/or archive bit on files and directories by dragging and dropping them onto the mTouch window. The Windows version can handle read-only files
Files can be processed individually or as a batch
Download (7 Kb)
mTouch 2.2
16 Kb binary
SS05MT 11MTF220

PDrop Text To PDF Converter MFC Win98/XP   Linux Version
PDrop converts plain text files into PDFs (Portable Document Format). Simply drag-and-drop the files onto PDrop's window and click [Convert] to process the batch or right-click any selection to process a single file

Note: Both Acrobat Reader 5 and 6 report that the PDF is "damaged". Evince, Atril and other tested PDF Viewers do not report any problem.

Download (14 Kb)
PDrop 2.2
30 Kb binary
SS16DT 23PDF220

PreFrag MASM32 Win98/XP
PreFrag is a small tool that allows you to automatically delete files and clean folders before you DeFrag your hardrives
This program does no damage under NTFS, but it may not actually do what you ask it to do (repeat NO DAMAGE, but also no results)
Download (10 Kb)
PreFrag 1.0.2
20.5 Kb binary
SS06DT 12PDF100

Quick System Info MFC Win98/XP/7   Linux Version
Quick System Info displays Info about your System, Quickly
If you're a little high, you can use the About Tab to play with the keyboard indicator lights
Download (9 Kb)
QSI 2.0
26 Kb binary
SS01DT 16QSI200

StörmDays Calendar MFC Win98/XP/7   Linux Version
Displays the Chinese calendar year, Julian Day, day of the Century, month/week/day of year and calculates Equinoxes, Solstices, Full and New moons.
Download (10 Kb)
StormDays 3.0.4
27 Kb binary
CM01DT 03SDC304

Time-Has-Come MFC Win98/XP/7
THC is a Countdown or Countup timer with Pause and Resume
Download (10.4 Kb)
27 Kb binary
SS01DA 09THC102

ToSS MASM32 Win98/XP/7   Linux Version
ToSS is an application that sits idly System Tray (the thing with the clock) waiting for you to become idle
You can double-click it to Activate the ScreenSaver or right-click for a menu that allows you to Activate and Toggle (Enable/Disable) the ScreenSaver and put the monitor to Sleep (assuming that it does that sort of thing)
Download (3.5 Kb)
4 Kb binary
LS05MT 01TSS202

What-Day-Was-It [MFC] Win98/XP   Linux Versions
What-Day-Was-It is a simple program to display all days that match a criteria
  List all Leap Days between 2008 and 2016
    whatday feb 29 2008 2016
  Show July 4 2012
    whatday July 4 2012
  List all Friday the 13ths for 2010
    whatday friday 13 2010

What-Day-Was-It will accept any month or day from the year 1601 to 2038.

Download (7 Kb) Windows
What-Day-Was-It MFC
16 Kb binary
LS17DA 46WDW100
Download (2 Kb) DOS
What-Day-Was-It Std C
3 Kb binary
LS17CA 46WDW100