Linux Applications

Linux Applications

CuddlySoft CHMVU is a fast and lightweight low-frills Viewer for CHM files (Compiled Hypertext Markup)
It features... very little... it's only 22Kb!
Drag 'n' Drop or pass a filename on the command line

CHMVU+  ScreenShot

Requires: libchm and gtkhtml2

Download 32-bit RPM (11 Kb)
CHMVU 1.0.3
22 Kb binary
CS14GA 22CHV100
Download 32-bit RPM (14 Kb)
CHMVU Plus 1.0.3
30 Kb binary
CS14GA 22CHP100

DCHM is a CHM Decompiler. It lists and/or extracts html pages, style sheets, images and other content from CHM (Compiled Hypertext Markup) files
In addition to passing the source file on the command line, the GTK version supports drag 'n' drop or using the file chooser

Requires: libchm

Download 32-bit RPM (9 Kb)
13 Kb binary
CS14GT 22CHD100
Download 32-bit RPM (5 Kb)
dchm 1.0
9 Kb binary
CS14CT 22CHD100

Dir2HTML [GTK+2]
Dir2HTML creates an HTML document with hyperlinks from any directory. You can choose colours or include your own StyleSheet

Dir2HTML Console Version  ScreenShot

Download 32-bit (8 Kb)
Dir2HTML-GTK 1.1
17 Kb binary
SS12GU 36D2H110
Download 32-bit (3 Kb)
9 Kb binary
SS12CU 36D2H100

DirSnap GTK+2   Windows Version
DirSnap is a utility that captures a list of any directory that you can see
Optional Include Details, Line Numbering, Save As Text or HTML
Download 32-bit (9 Kb)
17 Kb binary
SS15GT 10DFS100

ISO ID displays information about an ISO9660 file
It does not do anything else
Download 32-bit (5.5 Kb)
13 Kb binary
LS16GU 43ISI100

Jingle Gnome2/Mate/XFCE4 (GTK+2)
Jingle allows you to set and test freedesktop compliant soundthemes
It will automatically detect GNOME2, MATE 1.6+ and XFCE4 desktop environments and use GConf2, dconf or xfconf settings
Download 32-bit RPM (10 Kb)
Jingle 1.1.2
18 Kb binary
LS15GT 40JGS110
Download 64-bit RPM (11 Kb)
Jingle 1.1
24 Kb binary
LS15GT 40JGS110

mTouch GTK+2   Windows Version     Changelog
MagicTouch is a GTK based utility that allows you to change the permissions and/or timestamps on files and directories by dragging and dropping them onto the mTouch window
Files can be processed individually or as a batch
Download 32-bit RPM (12 Kb)
MagicTouch 2.2.3
18 Kb binary
SS09GT 11MTF220
Download 64-bit RPM (13 Kb)
MagicTouch 2.2.3
24 Kb binary
SS09GT 11MTF220

CuddlySoft MANVU is a GTK-based Viewer for Linux Manual Pages. It will accept a raw, gz or bz2 manpage and display it as HTML
You can also drop regular HTML pages onto MANVU
Drag 'n' Drop, pass a filename on the command line or request a manpage.
Example: "manvu getcwd" or "manvu 5 charmap"

MANVU Lite  ScreenShot
The man package is not required

Requires: groff, zlib, bzip2 and webkitgtk1

Download 32-bit RPM (14 Kb)
25 Kb binary
CS15GA 22MPV200
Download 32-bit RPM (12 Kb)
MANVU Lite 2.0
21 Kb binary
CS15GA 22MPL200

PG-File-Tools GTK+2

File-Tools are a suite of GUI applications for working with files. They use, or were inspired by, programs from the GNU coreutils package.

All File-Tools (excluding PG-Verify) provide a Drag & Drop interface.
If started from a terminal, the application will accept files and/or directories passed by any combination of full path, relative path or URI.

Most File-Tools can also detect and pass files to each other and to PG-Text-Tools, optionally starting the target application if it is not already running.

PG-Copy, PG-DirInfo, PG-FileType, PG-Rename and PG-Verify Home

Tools Require: coreutils, dbus
Help Requires: webkitgtk1

Download 32-bit RPM (35 Kb)
PG-File-Tools 3.0
5 binaries 76 Kb
LS14GT 04GXF300
Download 32-bit RPM (10 Kb)
PG-File-Tools Help 3.0
HTML Help Pages and Browser 20 Kb
LS14GL 04GXH300

Rain Floaters Gnome/Mate
Additional Floater ScreenSavers for Gnome/Mate. Gnome Logo, Mate Logo, PCLinuxOS and Taijitu
Download no-arch RPM (4.5 Kb)
Rain Floaters

RPM Toys [GTK+2]   Changelog
Package Query displays information about RPM files or installed Packages
The RPM database can be searched by package Name, Version, Arch, Packager, Build Host, Vendor, License, Build Date or Install Date

Package Regen rebuilds RPM Packages from installed files complete with scripts, "Requires" and "Provides" information for rpm install. You can optionally edit the Release Number, Summary and Architecture
The resulting Package can be used to update or install on the same system or another system

Rogue Files scans the file system for files, directories and links that do not belong to any installed package in the RPM Database

Extrinsic Files is a console version of Rogue Files

Requires: librpm >= 4.8
These tools do not modify your rpm database in any way

Download 32-bit RPM (16 Kb)
Package-Query 4.3.0
30 Kb binary
SS15GU 36RPQ430
Download 32-bit RPM (13 Kb)
Package-Regen 4.3.0
25 Kb binary
SS15GU 36RPR430
Download 32-bit RPM (14 Kb)
Rogue-Files 4.3.1
26 Kb binary
SS15GU 36RRF431
Download 32-bit (4 Kb)
Extrinsic-Files 1.1
9 Kb binary
SS15CU 36RPE110
Download 64-bit RPM (13.5 Kb)
Package-Query 4.2.3
31.5 Kb binary
SS15GU 36RPQ421
Download 64-bit (4 Kb)
Extrinsic-Files 1.1
10 Kb binary
SS15CU 36RPE110

Shinar Babel Cleaner GTK+2     Changelog
Shinar is a translation cleanup tool. It allows you to remove locales/translations from certain files and directories, keeping only the languages that you want. Simply drag the files onto the window and click Execute
Shinar can also remove multiple blank lines and backup your original files before making changes to them
Cleans desktop files, locales, man pages, omf, themes, mime, GConf schemas and help files. See the man page for more details
Download 32-bit RPM (18 Kb)
Shinar 4.2.1
30 Kb binary
SS10GT 21SBC420
Download 64-bit RPM (18 Kb)
Shinar 4.2.1
35 Kb binary
SS10GT 21SBC420

StörmDays Calendar GTK+2   Windows Version     Changelog
A small GTK calendar
Displays the Chinese calendar year, Julian Day, day of the Century, month/week/day of year and calculates Equinoxes, Solstices, Full and New moons.
Download 32-bit RPM (10 Kb)
StormDays 3.0.2
15 Kb binary
CM08GT 03SDC300
Download 64-bit RPM (11 Kb)
StormDays 3.0.1
19 Kb binary
CM08GT 03SDC300

What-Day-Was-It [GLib/GTK]   Windows Versions
What-Day-Was-It is a simple program to display all days that match a criteria
CLI Examples:
  List all Leap Days between 2008 and 2016
    whatday feb 29 2008 2016
  Show July 4 2012
    whatday July 4 2012
  List all Friday the 13ths for 2010
    whatday friday 13 2010

What-Day-Was-It will accept any month or day from the year 1 to the conquest of Earth by the Supreme Vice-Arch Underlord (and all around nice guy) Kuhal II (August 29th, 8000... around 2:14 am Eastern Time).
The Standard C version is limited to the years 1601 to 2038.

Download 32-bit (5 Kb)
What-Day-Was-It  GTK3
9 Kb binary
LS17GA 46WDW100
Download 32-bit (5 Kb)
What-Day-Was-It  GTK2
9 Kb binary
LS17GA 46WDW100
Download 32-bit (2.5 Kb)
What-Day-Was-It  GLib
5 Kb binary
LS17CA 46WDW100
Download 32-bit (2.5 Kb)
What-Day-Was-It  Std C
5 Kb binary
LS17CA 46WDW100 908